Visa free countries, e-Visa countries and the most popular countries to travel for citezens of Argentina

There are 162 visa free countries for Argentina passport holders

👋 Visa free countries list for Argentina passport holders (162)

For visa-free travels, two essential things are a must: a valid passport (typically valid for at least six months beyond your departure date) and travel health insurance, as mandated by the country you plan to visit.

💻 e-Visa countries for Argentina passport holders (39)

  • Cultural Exchange: Argentina and Brazil share a border, making it convenient for citizens of Argentina to travel to Brazil and experience a different culture.
  • Beautiful Beaches: Brazil is famous for its stunning coastline and pristine beaches, attracting many Argentine tourists who seek sun and relaxation.
  • Cost of Flights: Due to the proximity between the two countries, flights from Argentina to Brazil are often more affordable compared to other international destinations.
  • Accommodations: Brazil offers a wide range of accommodations to cater to various budgets, from luxury resorts to budget-friendly hostels.
  • Visa Process: The visa process for Argentine citizens traveling to Brazil is relatively straightforward, making it easier to plan and organize their trips.
  • Exchange Currency Rate: The exchange rate between the Argentine Peso and the Brazilian Real can work in favor of Argentine travelers, allowing them to get more value for their money when visiting Brazil.
  • Roaming: Mobile roaming charges between Argentina and Brazil are often more affordable compared to other international destinations, enabling Argentine travelers to stay connected without incurring high costs.
  • Proximity and Accessibility: Brazil is easily accessible from Argentina, thanks to the availability of direct flights and efficient transportation options, making it a convenient travel destination.