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Up-to-date info COVID-19 travel restrictions. Quarantine conditions, entry requrements, list of approved vaccines and etc., help you make decisions about future trips in 2021.

๐Ÿฆ  Brazil COVID-19 travel requirements

โœ… List of approved vaccines in Brazil

Sinopharm BIBP
Sputnik V

โš  Current covid restrictions in Brazil

🧒 Schools closing โ€“ Required (only at some levels)
🏢 Workplace closing โ€“ Recommended
🥳 Public events โ€“ Recommended cancellations
🍻 Public gathering โ€“ gatherings between 100-1000 people
🏡 Stay at home โ€“ Recommended not to leave the house
😷 Face covering โ€“ Required in all shared/public spaces outside the home with other people present or all situations when social distancing not possible
🚌 Public transport โ€“ Recommended closing (or reduce volume)
✈ Internal movement โ€“ Restrict movement
🗺 International travel control โ€“ Screening
🧪 PCR testing โ€“ Testing of anyone showing COVID-19 symptoms
💉 Vaccination policy โ€“ Availability for all three plus partial additional availability (select broad groups/ages)

๐Ÿงพ Entry conditions

Last updated: 5 December 2021, 13:37 (GMT +4)

Travel to Brazil

If you are travelling to Brazil, you will be required to take a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR or antigen test before departure and complete the Traveler s Health Declaration form before departure.

Any foreign national (including sea crew) travelling from or transiting through the Republic of South Africa, Republic of Botswana, Kingdom of Eswatini, Kingdom of Lesotho, Republic of Namibia and Republic of Zimbabwe in the last 14 days will not to be accepted on flights to Brazil.

This restriction does not apply to:

  • Brazilian nationals
  • Foreign nationals with permanent residence, for a fixed or indefinite period, in the Brazilian territory
  • Foreign professionals on a mission at the service of a recognised international organisation
  • Foreign officials accredited to the Brazilian government
  • Foreign spouse, partner, child, parent or guardian of a Brazilian
  • Foreign national whose entry is specifically authorised by the Brazilian government in view of the public or for humanitarian reasons
  • Foreign nationals who hold a National Migration Registry

These categories of exempted passengers must undergo a 14 day quarantine on arrival in Brazil.

Please refer to the official website for further information.

COVID-19 testing requirements

All passengers travelling to Brazil, under all ages must take a COVID-19 RT-PCR test within 72 hours before departure from the first embarkation point; or a COVID-19 antigen test at most 24 hours before departure from the first embarkation point. The negative COVID 19 RT PCR or antigen test result must be presented at check in to be accepted on the flight. The test result must be in English, Portuguese or Spanish.

Passengers transiting and not disembarking the aircraft must also hold a COVID-19 RT-PCR certificate.

Passengers who have previously tested positive must comply with the following requirements. The requirements are also applicable for passengers who tested positive twice:

  • Present two COVID-19 RT-PCR test results. The tests must be taken at least 14 days apart and the second test at most 72 hours before departure.
  • Present a negative or non-detectable COVID-19 antigen test result for a test taken after the last positive COVID-19 RT-PCR test.
  • Present a COVID-19 recovery certificate in English, Portuguese or Spanish, showing that they are asymptomatic and Fit to Fly. The certificate must contain the travel date.


Children under the age of 12, traveling accompanied, are exempt from presenting the result of the COVID-19 RT-PCR exam or antigen test, provided that all companions present negative/ non reactive RT-PCR or  antigen test results for SARS-CoV-2. This exemption does not apply to children aged 2 to 12 and traveling unaccompanied, who must present the negative/ non reactive RT-PCR or antigen test result for SARS-CoV-2.

Children aged 2 years and below are exempt from presenting result of COVID-19 RT PCR exam or antigen test result for travel to Brazil.

Required forms

All passengers must complete the Traveller s Health Declaration form before departure.

Other information

To help stop the spread of COVID-19, acrylic masks, masks with valves, bandanas, scarves, single-layer cotton masks and other non-medical face masks used for protection will not be accepted at the airport and on board the aircraft.

Read about the measures adopted in airports and aircraft due to the situation of Public Health Emergency of National Importance resulting from the outbreak of the new coronavirus - SARS-CoV-2

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