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Up-to-date info COVID-19 travel restrictions. Quarantine conditions, entry requrements, list of approved vaccines and etc., help you make decisions about future trips in 2023.

Last Update 8 days ago

Open to visit

International travel to Bulgaria is allowed, but you’ll have to meet some requirements to enter.

Travel guidelines

🛬 Quarantine on arrival in Bulgaria


🛬 Quarantine on return to Germany

Quarantine is not required

COVID-19 statistics

Infection risk level

📉 Low

New COVID-19 cases in last 14 days

🦠 28,75

out of 100,000 people

😷 Masks are optional

🚎 Transport is allowed

Passenger flights are operating at Sofia Airport (SOF/LBSF).

Following the European Union (EU) Commission announcement that all EU airspace will be closed to Russian-owned, Russian-registered and Russian-controlled aircraft, including private planes and for overflights, all flights to and from Russia will be banned until further notice, in line with EU sanctions on Russia over its invasion of Ukraine.

📃 Declaration documnents

🛂 Open to visit

Officials no longer require arrivals to present a vaccinate certificate or a negative COVID-19 test upon entry nor will arrivals be required to quarantine.


Border ban

🚢 Maritime border - Open

🚊 Land border - Open

🌐 Quarantine modality


💉 Qualified vaccines

Pfizer - 14 days after second dose.

AstraZeneca (Vaxzevria) - 14 days after second dose.

Vaxzevria (South Korea) - 14 days after second dose.

Covishield (India) - 14 days after second dose.

Johnson & Johnson - 14 days after first dose.

Sinopharm (Beijing) - 14 days after second dose.

CoronaVac - 14 days after second dose.

Moderna - 14 days after second dose.

Sputnik V - 14 days after second dose.

Good to know

As of December, vaccination rates reached 67 percent of the population. From early April, a state of Emergency was lifted and international travel restrictions were gradually eased.