Indonesia Tourist Visa​

💳 Tourist Visa​

🕜 Duration 60 days 🧐 Tourist Visa
Tourist Visa is eligible only for single entry. The tourist visa holder should not enter the restricted regions (Papua and Poso). If the destination of visit should go to the restricted regions, the application would be sent to the Authorities in Indonesia to seek referral. Application from certain nationals also needs referral. Visa is issued min 4 (four) working days from receipt of application after all requirements provided and deemed satisfy the eligibility. However, citizens from certain countries may have a longer time (min 12 working days) upon the approval from Indonesia Immigration Office in Indonesia. Applicants whose applications need referral to the Authorities in Indonesia should NOT PURCHASE their travel tickets (plane, boat or otherwise) before the approval for their visa application is received. Visa Fee Aus $ 80

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