Maldives for citizens of Pakistan

Maldives is a small archipelagic country in the Indian Ocean. Its capital is Malé and it has a population of approximately 540,000 people. The country is made up of 26 coral atolls and has a total land area of about 298 square kilometers. Maldives is known for its stunning white sandy beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters, and abundant marine life. It is renowned as a popular tourist destination and is famous for its luxury resorts and world-class diving and snorkeling opportunities.3 types of tourist visas for Maldives are presented. The longest period of stay is 365 days. Good options for digital nomads on Maldives are Maldives Digital Nomad Visa, Mali Digital Nomad Visa, Tourist Visa.

Visa-free entry - Maldives visa for Pakistan citizen in July of 2024

ℹ Pakistani citizens do not require a visa to visit Maldives. The duration of stay of passport holders of Pakistan on the territory of Maldives is 30 days. Important! Must complete a traveler declaration within 96 hours before arrival at Must have a booking at a registered tourist facility.

🔑 How to enter to Maldives from Pakistan

To enter Maldives, Pakistani citizens must follow some fairly simple steps. Please note that migration services have the right to request additional documents (return tickets, accommodation reservations and etc.).

  1. Before traveling to Maldives, check whether your Pakistani passport is valid. Passport must be valid for 6 months after entering Maldives and have at least 1 blank page for entry stamp.
  2. Show your Pakistani passport to the immigration officer upon arrival.
  3. Getting a visa - an entry stamp in your Pakistani passport. You are allowed to stay in Maldives for 30 days.

✅ Requirements for Pakistani citizens to visit Maldives with tourist visa

  • Pakistani citizens should provide valid passport. Passport must be valid at the all time of entry to Maldives. The passport must be a minimum of one blank page for the entry stamp.
  • Medical insurance is recommended, as treatment of Pakistani citizens on the territory of Maldives is carried out on a commercial basis.


  1. Do citizens of Pakistan require a visa to visit the Maldives?

    Pakistani citizens do not need a visa to visit the Maldives.

  2. How long Pakistani citizens are allowed to stay in Maldives without a visa?

    The maximum duration of stay in Maldives for citizens of Pakistan for a visa-free stay is 30 days.

  3. What happens if a Pakistani passport holder stays in Maldives longer than the visa-free period allowed?

    Overstaying visa-free entry to Maldives is punishable by a fine, in case of serious violations a ban on entry to Maldives is possible. It is essential to leave the country before your authorized stay expires or to extend your stay legally if needed.

  4. Do citizens of Pakistan need to show proof of sufficient funds to enter Maldives without a visa?

    Maldivian immigration authorities may ask for proof of sufficient funds or a return ticket when entering the country without a visa. It is advisable to have these documents with you when traveling.

  5. What documents are required for Pakistani citizens to enter Maldives without a visa?

    Pakistani citizens need a valid passport with at least six months validity, a return or onward ticket, and proof of sufficient funds to cover their stay in Maldives.

  6. Can Pakistani work or study during the visa-free stay in Maldives?

    The Maldives visa-free stay is usually for tourism purposes only. For working or studying in Maldives Pakistani citizens usually requires a specific visa, and you should not engage in such activities on a tourist visa-free stay.

💳 Maldives Tourist Visa:

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💳 Also in Maldives next visas are available:

Digital Nomad Visa Digital Nomad Visa

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