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Up-to-date info COVID-19 travel restrictions. Quarantine conditions, entry requrements, list of approved vaccines and etc., help you make decisions about future trips in 2021.

๐Ÿฆ  Mexico COVID-19 travel requirements

โœ… List of approved vaccines in Mexico

Sinopharm BIBP
Sputnik V

โš  Current covid restrictions in Mexico

🧒 Schools closing โ€“ No measures
🏢 Workplace closing โ€“ Required for some
🥳 Public events โ€“ Recommended cancellations
🍻 Public gathering โ€“ No Restrictions
🏡 Stay at home โ€“ Recommended not to leave the house
😷 Face covering โ€“ Required outside the home at all times regardless of location or presence of other people
🚌 Public transport โ€“ Recommended closing (or reduce volume)
✈ Internal movement โ€“ Restrict movement
🗺 International travel control โ€“ Screening
🧪 PCR testing โ€“ Testing only for those who both (a) have symptoms AND (b) meet specific criteria (e.g. key workers, admitted to hospital, came into contact with a known case, returned from overseas)
💉 Vaccination policy โ€“ Universal availability

๐Ÿงพ Entry conditions

Last updated: 5 December 2021, 14:43 (GMT +4)

Travel to Mexico

If you are travelling to Mexico, you will not be required to take a pre-departure COVID-19 PCR test but you must complete in the traveller information form upon arrival.

COVID-19 testing requirements

There are no COVID-19 test requirements for entry to Mexico.

Required Forms

All passengers must complete a health declaration form by registering on the Vuela Seguro website upon arrival in Mexico. Once completed it will generate a QR code.

The QR code has to be available and presented to health authorities upon arrival.

Travel from Mexico

Required Forms

All passengers must register and complete an online a health declaration form before departure from Mexico. Once completed the confirmation QR code must be presented at check-in.

Travel to or from Mexico via Spain

Passengers travelling on EK255 from Dubai to Mexico or EK256 from Mexico to Dubai

This flight has a stop in Barcelona. Passengers will have to disembark during transit and take all their personal belongings with them and follow transit signs to return to the departure gate.

All passengers must complete the Health Control Form (FCS) online or on the SPTH - Spain Travel Health APP (available on Google Play and the App Store) and obtain a QR code before boarding the flight from the origin in either Dubai or Mexico. The QR code will have to be shown to Health Authorities just after security control at the transit area.

Please note that immigration will also check for ATV (Airside Transit Visa) for certain nationalities. Check visa requirements on the Visa Passport Information page.

Ensure to add Spain as transit country: After the Health Authority check, passengers must proceed to the international D and E gates to re-board the flight.

Travelling to, from and through Dubai

If you re travelling to, from or transiting through Dubai, please check our Travel requirements for Dubai.