New Zealand Visitor Visa

💳 Visitor Visa, Tourist Visa of New Zealand

🕜 Duration 180 days ✨ Extendable 🤑 400 ($) 🧐 Tourist Visa

If you don't have visa free entry to New Zeland you need to apply for a Visitor Visa to enter in the country. While on this visa, you're not allowed to work, but you can study for a maximum of 3 months. This visa allows you to enjoy a vacation, visit friends and family, undertake short-term studies, or attend a job interview. You can also include your partner and dependent children aged 19 and under in your visa application.

Depending on your health status, you might need to undergo a chest x-ray, a medical examination, or both as evidence of good health. Typically, if you're staying less than 6 months, a chest x-ray is not usually required. For stays of less than 12 months, a medical certificate is generally not needed.

In cases of a criminal conviction or posing a security risk to New Zealand, your visa application might be declined.

To be eligible, you must genuinely intend to visit New Zealand and leave at the end of your stay. You also need to demonstrate sufficient funds to support yourself while in the country, or have an acceptable sponsor who can provide for you.

It's important to declare in your visa application that you'll cover the costs of any healthcare or medical assistance you receive during your time in New Zealand.

Upon arrival, you might need to show evidence that you intend to exit the country, such as a return ticket or proof of sufficient funds to purchase a departure ticket. This is in addition to the funds needed to sustain your stay.

The goal is to make your stay in New Zealand comfortable and enjoyable while ensuring compliance with visa requirements.

The duration of stay in the country is determined by whether you have a multiple-entry visa or a single-entry visa:

Multiple entry visitor visa

With a multiple-entry visa, you can visit New Zealand as a visitor for up to 6 months within a 12-month period.

Single entry visitor visa

If you intend to stay in New Zealand for more than 6 months or extend your current 6-month stay, you can apply for a Single Entry Visitor Visa. This visa allows you to stay in the country for up to 9 months within an 18-month period.

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