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Up-to-date info COVID-19 travel restrictions. Quarantine conditions, entry requrements, list of approved vaccines and etc., help you make decisions about future trips in 2022.
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Open to visit

International travel to Romania is allowed, but you’ll have to meet some requirements to enter.

Travel guidelines

πŸ›¬ Quarantine on arrival in Romania


πŸ›¬ Quarantine on return to United States of America

Quarantine is not required

COVID-19 statistics

Infection risk level

πŸ“‰ Low

New COVID-19 cases in last 14 days

🦠 20,82

out of 100,000 people

😷 Masks are optional

Face masks are recommended in all indoor and crowded places.

Masks are no longer required in airports or airplanes.

🚎 Transport is allowed

Most international flights are available at Bucharest Henri Coandă International Airport (OTP/LROP), where Wizz Air, TAROM, Blue Air and several other airlines are operating.

Following the European Union (EU) Commission announcement that all EU airspace will be closed to Russian-owned, Russian-registered and Russian-controlled aircraft, including private planes and for overflights, all flights to and from Russia will be banned until further notice, in line with EU sanctions on Russia over its invasion of Ukraine.

πŸ“ƒ Declaration documnents

Health Insurance document
Travellers who must apply for a visa to enter the country are required to buy health insurance. The policy must have a minimum coverage of USD33,000.

πŸ›‚ Open to visit

All travellers are permitted to entry regardless the country of origin and vaccination or recovery status.


Border ban

🚊 Land border - Open

🌐 Quarantine modality


πŸ’‰ Qualified vaccines

Pfizer - 10 days after second dose.

AstraZeneca (Vaxzevria) - 10 days after second dose.

Vaxevria (South Korea) - 10 days after second dose.

Covishield (India) - 10 days after second dose.

Johnson & Johnson - 10 days after first dose.

Sinopharm (Beijing) - 10 days after second dose.

CoronaVac - 10 days after second dose.

Moderna - 10 days after second dose.

Nuvaxovid (Novavax) - 10 days after second dose.

Covovax (Novavax) - 10 days after second dose.

Good to know

Officials tightened preventative measures in September 2021, following a continuous increase in COVID-19 infections. Vaccination rates are low relative to other EU member states, currently at 42 percent of the population as of June.

⚠ Current covid restrictions in Romania

🧒 Schools closing – Required (all levels)
🏢 Workplace closing – Recommended
🥳 Public events – Recommended cancellations
🍻 Public gathering – gatherings between 100-1000 people
🏡 Stay at home – Recommended not to leave the house
😷 Face covering – Required in all shared/public spaces outside the home with other people present or all situations when social distancing not possible
🚌 Public transport – Recommended closing (or reduce volume)
✈ Internal movement – Recommend movement restriction
🗺 International travel control – Quarantine from high-risk regions
🧪 PCR testing – Testing of anyone showing COVID-19 symptoms
💉 Vaccination policy – Universal availability