Rwanda Visitor visa

💳 Visitor visa, Tourist Visa of Rwanda

🕜 Duration 30 days 🧐 Tourist Visa

Rwanda visitir visa grants entry into Rwanda for various tourist reasons, excluding employment.

Obtaining the Rwanda Visa Waiver is straightforward – it can be acquired at the entry point upon your arrival in Rwanda or through the Rwandan embassy in your home country. Travel document remains valid for at least six months from your intended entry date.

This visa allows for a single entry into Rwanda and does not permit any work activities. However, the flexibility of this visa is noteworthy, as it allows for a change of status if your plans evolve during your stay.

Visitor visa is free of charge

Valid for 90 days for nationals of a country with which has visa waiver with Rwanda and 30 days for nationals of a country which is a member of African Union, Common wealth and La francophonie.

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