๐ŸŒŽ / United Arab Emirates

Up-to-date info COVID-19 travel restrictions. Quarantine conditions, entry requrements, list of approved vaccines and etc., help you make decisions about future trips in 2021.

๐Ÿฆ  United Arab Emirates COVID-19 travel requirements

โœ… List of approved vaccines in United Arab Emirates

Sinopharm BIBP
Sputnik V
Sputnik Light
Sinopharm WIBP

โš  Current covid restrictions in United Arab Emirates

🧒 Schools closing โ€“ Recomended
🏢 Workplace closing โ€“ Recommended
🥳 Public events โ€“ Recommended cancellations
🍻 Public gathering โ€“ gatherings between 10-100 people
🏡 Stay at home โ€“ No measures
😷 Face covering โ€“ Required in some specified shared/public spaces outside the home with other people present, or some situations when social distancing not possible
🚌 Public transport โ€“ Recommended closing (or reduce volume)
✈ Internal movement โ€“ Recommend movement restriction
🗺 International travel control โ€“ Screening
🧪 PCR testing โ€“ Testing of anyone showing COVID-19 symptoms
💉 Vaccination policy โ€“ Universal availability

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