💳 Here are the types of visas available to visit Antigua and Barbuda

Nomad Digital Residence (NDR)
All persons applying must currently be employed or self-employed, while paying income taxes to their place of residence or native country. Successful candidates, must be able to work away from home with the use of mobile technology while on the go, in other to qualify. With the Nomad Digital Residence visa, the holder(s) and their dependent(s) are allowed to travel in and out of Antigua and Barbuda for a (2) two year period extended stay while visiting. Applicable processing fees: SINGLE: USD $1,500; COUPLES: USD $2,000; DEPENDENTS (Family of three persons and over): USD $3,000
🕜 Duration 730 days
No Entry Visa
Do not require visas for entry into Antigua and Barbuda. The stay is no longer than six months. Return ticket, confirmation of accommodation are needed.
🕜 Duration 0 days

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