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Last updated: 4 October 2021, 10:59 (GMT +4)

Travel to Indonesia

Travel eligibility

Effective 15 September 2021, the following type of categories are exempted from the entry restriction:

  • Indonesian nationals
  • Non-Indonesian nationals regulated under Minister of Law and Human Right regulation No 34 Year 2021 as below:
    • Non-Indonesian nationals holding diplomatic visa and official visa
    • Non-Indonesian nationals holding limited stay permit (ITAS) and permanent stay permit (ITAP)
    • Non-Indonesian nationals holding diplomatic stay permit and official stay permit
    • Non-Indonesian nationals holding visit visas
    • Non-Indonesian nationals holding limited stay visas
    • Non-Indonesian nationals holding Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) business travel card

Passengers are not allowed to transit through Jakarta (CGK). International air travel is only allowed at airports in Jakarta and Manado.

Visit visa and limited stay visa can apply to the following purposes:

  1. Visit Visa
    1. Visa Index B211A
      • Emergency work activity
      • Business discussion
      • Purchase of items
      • Food, medical and humanitarian support
      • Governmental duty including G20 activity or international meetings 144th Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU)
      • Joining ship in Indonesia territory
      • Marine industry development
    2. Visa index B211B
      • Foreign worker candidate trial on the ability to work
  2. Limited Stay Visa
    1. Visa index C312 (work purposes)
      • As an expert staff
      • Gather together to work on ships, float equipment or installation operated in Indonesian territory and Economic Exclusive Zone Indonesia
      • Quality control of items or production
      • Inspection or audit of branch office in Indonesia
      • After sales activity
      • Installing or repairing a machine
      • Non-permanent construction work
      • Candidate of foreign worker on the skills trial
    2. Visa index C313 (non-work purpose): foreign investment for period of 1 year
    3. Visa index C314 (non-work purpose): foreign investment for period of 2 years
    4. Visa index C317 (non-work purpose): family reunion

Guarantors must apply for visit visas and limited stay visas online to the Directorate General of Immigration based on the visit purposes and must have the following information:

  1. Proof of receiving a full dose of COVID-19 vaccine certificate
  2. Statement letter agreeing to follow all health protocols applied in Indonesia; and
  3. Proof of health insurance/travel insurance including health coverage, and or a statement letter agreeing to settle all applicable costs if infected with COVID-19 during staying in Indonesia

Visit visas and limited stay visas are granted by Director General of Immigration in the form of electronic visa (eVisa).

Issuance of free visit visa and visa on arrival has been suspended until the COVID-19 pandemic is declared ended by the government of Indonesia.

Diplomatic visa and official visa are regulated by Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Visit visa to Indonesia and limited-stay visa for Indian nationals are suspended until further notice.

All non-Indonesian nationals who have been in India within the last 14 days of their arrival will not be allowed to enter Indonesia.

Indonesian nationals who have been in India within the last 14 days of their arrival will only be allowed entry through Jakarta and Manado airports.

COVID-19 testing and vaccination requirements

Both foreigner and Indonesian passport holders entering Indonesia directly or transiting via other countries must provide a printed medical certificate of a negative COVID-19 PCR test, in which the sample taken must be a maximum 72 hours of departure time. This requirement also applies to infants and children.

Effective 19 September 2021, all passengers travelling must take a COVID-19 RT-PCR test on arrival in Jakarta.

Additionally, foreigners are required to present a COVID-19 vaccine certificate (printed or digital) confirming they have been fully vaccinated. Foreigners who do not meet these requirements will not be accepted for travel.

Foreigners who are currently in Indonesia and wish to travel on domestic flights must have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.

Exemptions to presenting a COVID-19 vaccine certificate are applicable to:

  • Indonesian passports holders, they will be vaccinated upon quarantine.
  • Foreigners holding diplomatic and official visas relating to official state visits at ministerial level or above
  • Foreigners below 12 years old
  • Foreigners who cannot be vaccinated due to medical conditions and who are travelling on international or domestic flight must present a doctor/specialist’s statement from a government hospital that they are unfit for COVID-19 vaccination
  • Foreigners who are intended to leave Indonesian territory, including those whose travel began on a domestic flight, must present their ticket for an international flight connection, stay in the airport and obtain clearance from the local port health office/authority to travel domestically

Indonesia recognizes all COVID-19 vaccines, as long as the vaccine is approved by the country in which it has been administered.

Required forms

All passengers must download the PeduliLindungi Apps and fill the Electronic Health Alert Card (e-HAC). A completed online form must be presented to authorities on arrival in Jakarta.


  • Upon arrival in Indonesia, passengers must take another COVID-19 PCR test. Indonesian citizens with a negative test result may proceed to a mandatory 8-day quarantine at a government facility at no cost. Foreigners must proceed to a mandatory 8-day quarantine at a hotel approved by the Indonesian government at their own expense.
  • Cost for hotel quarantine and COVID-19 PCR testing for Indonesian citizen is covered by government and only applicable for Indonesian overseas workers, Indonesian student and Indonesian government employee returning from overseas duty
  • The Head of Foreign Representatives and Family on duty in Indonesia can quarantine for 8 days at their own facility. For foreign diplomats, the 8-day quarantine must be in a facility approved by Indonesian Government and subject to cost.
  • Another COVID-19 PCR test will be conducted after 7 days of quarantine. If the result is negative, and after completing 8 days of quarantine at a government approved hotel/facility, Indonesian citizens and foreigners will be allowed to continue on their journey. It is, however, recommended to self quarantine for 14 days.
  • Passengers who test positive for COVID-19 on arrival or after the 8-day quarantine will be directed to a hospital for treatment. Hospital expenses for Indonesian citizens will be shouldered by the government while foreigners must bear the expenses themselves.
  • For foreign nationals who are unable to settle the cost of quarantine and or hospital treatment, their sponsor or the ministry/agency who processed their approval for entry must shoulder the costs.
  • Quarantine exemption is only applicable for foreign nationals holding diplomatic visa and official visa related to official state visits at minister level and above.
  • Passengers who request a COVID-19 RT-PCR comparison test can complete the test at one of the appointed laboratories such as Cipto Mangunkusomo General Hospital Centre (RSCM), Army Hospital Centre Gatot Subroto (RSPAD), or Indonesian Police Hospital Centre Raden Said Sukanto (RS. POLRI). The passenger has to complete form provided by port health authorities and take the test at their own expense.

Foreigners and Indonesians arriving from Pakistan and Philippines are required to quarantine for 14 days and must take an additional COVID-19 RT-PCR test on arrival followed by another COVID-19 RT-PCR test on the 14th day of quarantine.

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