🔥 Best time to visit Albania

  • The best time to visit Albania is during spring (April-June) when the weather is pleasant and the countryside is in full bloom.
  • Another great time to visit is during the fall (September-November) when the temperatures are comfortable, the crowds are fewer, and the landscapes are stunning with autumn colours.
  • The summer months (July-August) can be hot and crowded, especially along the coast, but it is still a good time to enjoy the Adriatic and Ionian Sea beaches.
  • If you want to experience the winter landscapes, then December to February is the time to visit Albania, especially the Albanian Alps. But keep in mind that some mountain road passes might be closed due to snowfall.

💯 The most popular places in Albania

Sure, here are some of the most popular tourist places in Albania:

  • Tirana, the capital city
  • Berat, known as the "city of a thousand windows"
  • Saranda, a seaside town on the Albanian Riviera
  • Gjirokastra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a well-preserved Ottoman-era town
  • Ksamil, a group of small islands and beaches in southern Albania
  • Butrint, an ancient Greek and Roman city with ruins
  • Shkoder, a historic city near Lake Shkoder
  • Valbona Valley National Park, a beautiful area for hiking and outdoor activities
  • Theth, a remote mountain village with stunning scenery
Please note that this is not a comprehensive list and Albania has many other beautiful and interesting places to visit.