🚗 Do tourists need a license to drive a car in Antarctica?

  • There are no public roads or rental car services in Antarctica, so tourists typically do not have the opportunity to drive a car.
  • However, if tourists are part of a research party that has permission to drive on the ice, they must have a valid driver's license from their home country.
  • Additionally, all individuals traveling to Antarctica are required to complete an Antarctic Pre-Departure Medical Evaluation form and obtain medical clearance from a physician, which may include evaluation of their ability to safely operate a vehicle.

🚓 Driver rules in Antarctica

  • Speed limitations: There are no established speed limits in Antarctica as public transportation is limited to only a few vehicles and most transportation is done on foot or by using specialized vehicles.
  • Mobile phone use: Mobile networks and coverage are scarce in Antarctica. Therefore, the use of mobile phones in Antarctica is limited and prohibited in some areas as it interferes with scientific equipment.
  • Drunk driving: In Antarctica, the consumption of alcoholic beverages is strictly regulated, and it is not allowed for a driver to consume any amount of alcohol before operating a vehicle.
  • Insurance: Prior to traveling to Antarctica, insurance is mandatory, and visitors should make arrangements for comprehensive insurance coverage for medical, emergency evacuation, and other contingencies.
  • Age limitations: There are no age limitations to drive vehicles in Antarctica. However, visitors have to comply with the requirements of the expedition or tour operator they are traveling with.