Bermuda for citizens of Cocos (Keeling) Islands

Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory located in the North Atlantic Ocean. It has a population of around 64,000 inhabitants and its capital and largest city is Hamilton. The territory consists of 181 islands encompassing a total land area of 53.3 square kilometers. Its economy is primarily based on international business and tourism, and it is popular for its pink sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and excellent diving spots.1 types of tourist visas for Bermuda are presented. The longest period of stay is 180 days. Good options for digital nomads on Bermuda is @HOME in Curaçao.

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💳 Also in Bermuda next visas are available:

Digital Nomad Visa

🚗 Do tourists need a license to drive a car in Bermuda?

Yes, tourists need a valid driver's license from their country of residence to rent and drive a car in Bermuda. Alternatively, they ... Continue reading

🚓 Driver rules in Bermuda

Speed limitations: The maximum speed limit in Bermuda is 35 km/h (22 mph) in most areas, with some areas having a lower speed limit of 20 km/... Continue reading

🎒 How to travel in Bermuda

To get around within Bermuda, there are various modes of transportation that you can consider: - Bus: Bermuda has an extensive bus network that cover... Continue reading

💸 Currency in Bermuda

The local currency in Bermuda is the Bermudian dollar (BMD), which has a one-to-one exchange rate with the US dollar (USD). Many places in Bermuda acc... Continue reading

🙏 What are some cultural etiquette and customs in Bermuda?

When visiting Bermuda, there are some cultural etiquette and customs to be aware of in order to show respect for the local traditions: Gree... Continue reading

🔥 Best time to visit Bermuda

The best time to visit Bermuda is between April and October when the weather is warm and sunny. The peak tourist season in Bermuda is from May to Sept... Continue reading

💯 The most popular places in Bermuda

Bermuda, a British island territory in the North Atlantic Ocean, is a popular tourist destination known for its pink-sand beaches, crystal-clear water... Continue reading

💉 Are there any specific vaccinations required before traveling to Bermuda?

Yes, there are specific vaccinations recommended before traveling to Bermuda to ensure your health and safety. The Centers for Disease Control and Pre... Continue reading

🛰 Internet Quality in Bermuda?

Bermuda has a relatively high quality of internet, as it is a relatively developed nation with a strong infrastructure. Most areas have access to high... Continue reading

📶 Mobile operators in Bermuda

The mobile operators in Bermuda are: 1. Digicel Bermuda 2. One Communications (formerly CellOne Bermuda) ... Continue reading

📲 Emergency numbers in Bermuda

Sure. Here are the emergency numbers in Bermuda: Police, Fire, Ambulance: 911 Marine & Ports: 297-1010 Poison Information: ... Continue reading

👮‍♂️ Safety for tourists in Bermuda

Bermuda is a relatively safe destination for tourists. The local authorities take strict measures to maintain law and order and ensure the safety of v... Continue reading