Congo, officially known as the Republic of the Congo, is a country located in Central Africa. Its capital and largest city is Brazzaville. The country has a population of around 5 million people and covers an area of approximately 342,000 square kilometers. It is bordered by Gabon, Cameroon, the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Angola. The Congo River is a prominent feature and one of the longest rivers in Africa. The economy is largely dependent on oil, forestry, and agriculture.1 types of tourist visas for Congo are presented. The longest period of stay is 365 days. Good options for digital nomads on Congo is Cook Islands Digital Nomad Visa.

Visa-free entry - Congo visa for United States of America citizen in May of 2024

ℹ Citizens of United States of America need a visa to visit Republic of the Congo. Please apply for a visa in advance. United States passport holders are not allowed to apply for a visa of Republic of the Congo online. Important! International Certificate of Vaccination required. A letter of invitation or written proof of a hotel reservation is required.

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💳 Also in Congo next visas are available:

Digital Nomad Visa

🚗 Do tourists need a license to drive a car in Congo?

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📲 Emergency numbers in Congo

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