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πŸ’³ Temporary Resident Visa visa of Mexico

πŸ•œ Duration 365 days ✨ Extendable

Requirements for foreign visitors who intend to enter and remain in Mexico as temporary residents for a period greater than 180 days and less than 4 years.

  1. Visa application form printed on one page, double sided, properly completed and signed.
  2. Passport or valid travel and identity document, original and a photocopy of the page containing the photograph and personal data.
  3. Original and a photocopy of the migratory document proving your legal migratory status in Canada (only for applicants who are not Canadian citizens).
  4. One photograph measuring 3.9 cm x 3.1 cm, face uncovered, no eyeglasses, frontal view, in colour, with white background.
  5. Payment of fees in cash for the issuance of the visa.

In addition, the following documents must be presented depending on the category applied for:

a) Economic solvency:

  • Original and a photocopy of investment receipts or bank statements with the bank stamp showing an average monthly balance of $45,334.00 Canadian dollars during the past twelve months; or
  • Original and a photocopy of documents showing that the applicant has employment or a pension with a monthly tax-free income of over $2,720.00 Canadian dollars during the past six months.

Please take note on the following:

  • Highlight the economic solvency on every monthly statement.
  • For joint accounts, the amount required is PER APPLICANT.
  • Submit a letter from your financial institution, PER APPLICANT, printed on official paper stating β€œ Full Name has the bank account _____, since _____ and is currently valid”, with original signature and stamp from the financial institution. We will not accept photocopies of the signature.
  • The letter and bank statements must be from the same financial institution
  • We will keep original bank statements.

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