👮‍♂️ Safety for tourists in Afghanistan

  • Afghanistan is currently considered a high-risk destination for tourists due to ongoing conflicts, political instability, and the presence of terrorist groups.
  • The US Department of State advises against all travel to Afghanistan, and many other countries also issue similar warnings.
  • Foreigners, including tourists, are often targeted by insurgents and may be kidnapped, attacked, or killed.
  • The situation is particularly dangerous in rural areas and along the border regions with Pakistan and Iran.
  • There is also a high risk of kidnapping for ransom, especially for foreigners.
  • Terrorist attacks are common, and can occur anywhere at any time, including in public places such as markets, schools, and hotels.
  • The Taliban and ISIS-Khorasan are active in the country, and regularly carry out deadly attacks against the government, military, and civilians.
  • The security situation can change rapidly and unpredictably, so it is advised to constantly monitor the situation and be prepared for emergencies.