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2 types of tourist visas for Malta are presented. The longest period of stay is 365 days. Good options for digital nomads on Malta are Nomad Residency Permit, Maltese Tourist Schengen Visa.

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💳 List of Malta visa types

Visa-free entry

ℹ Freedom of movement ID card valid

Nomad Residency Permit

🤑 Income $ 2700 💰 Cost of program $ 0 EUR

✨ Extendable 🕜 Duration 365 days 🐱‍👤 Nomad
Applicants must prove they can work remotely, using telecoms. Applicants must be third country na...
Maltese Tourist Schengen Visa

💰 Cost of program $ 0

🕜 Duration 90 days 🐱‍👤 Tourist
Required documents for Maltese Visa Application: Download Malta Visa applicati...