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Last updated: 14 October 2021, 14:49 (GMT +4)

Travel to the Philippines

Travel eligibility

1. Filipino citizens with 

  • Valid Philippine Passport; or
  • Identification certificate as proof of recognition as Filipino Citizen; or
  • Citizenship Retention and Reacquisition Act of 2003 Certificate under RA 9225

2. Balikbayan under Republic Act 6768

A Balikbayan, who may be either one of the following:
  • A Filipino citizen who has been continuously out of the Philippines for a period of at least one (1) year
  • A Filipino overseas worker
  • A former Filipino citizen and their family who have been naturalised in a foreign country and comes or returns to the Philippines
  • Immediate family members (spouse and children) of the Balikbayan, who are nationals of countries falling under EO 408 travelling together with the Balikbayan. Those nationalities not covered by the EO408 must adhere to the requirements of item No. 3 and must secure a 9(a) Visa.

3. Foreign nationals with valid and existing visas

  • All visa categories are now accepted by Philippine Immigration for entry.
  • 9(a) Visa holders will be required an Entry Exemption Document (EED) from the country’s foreign post abroad except for Foreign spouses, parent(s) and/or children of Filipino citizens who not travelling with a Filipino family member. Their 9(a) Visas will have a notation “EED not required per IATF Resolution No. 128(s.2021)
  • All foreign nationals must present a confirmed booking for at least ten days in an accredited quarantine hotel/facility or for passengers who are fully vaccinated and stayed in “Green” List Countries as determined by the Department of Health (see Quarantine protocols below)

Exemptions and Special Handling:

  • Visa on arrival for eligible nationalities is suspended.
  • Domestic and/or international connections/transit are not permitted.
  • All airlines operating and deadhead crew are exempt from any immigration and testing requirements but will be subjected to strict quarantine protocols as all arriving passengers. 
  • Unaccompanied minors are not allowed to travel to the Philippines due to duration of the quarantine period.
  • Passengers travelling as medical repatriates must get prior approval three (3) days before the start of their journey.

Required form

Bureau of Quarantine One Health Pass (OHP) and Electronic Health Declaration Checklist ( e HDC)

A. All passengers and crew bound for Manila (MNL) and Clark (CRK) must register for the BOQ One Health Pass (OHP) and complete the e HDC to declare their personal information, health status, and travel history. All passengers must complete registration to be accepted for travel.

    A QR code will be generated upon completion of the OHP and e HDC Registration. This QR code will be used to facilitate your quarantine status, RT PCR results and quarantine release certificates upon arrival.

    The following categories of passengers are exempted from registering for the OHP and completing the e-HDC.

    All passengers and crew travelling to Cebu (CEB) must comply with the requirements for Travel to Cebu. Travellers bound for Cebu must complete the online form and fill up the manual health declaration form on board.

  1. Local and foreign diplomats and their dependents
  2. Foreign delegations
  3. Philippine officials and their delegations on official travel abroad
  4. Philippine officials and their dependents returning to the Philippines at the end of their tour of duty abroad
  5. Law enforcers in connection with the implementation of treaty obligations on extradition, mutual legal assistance in criminal matters, and transfer of sentenced persons, including those who will accept the physical transfer of custody of the person being deported to the country of nationality or origin

B. Immigrations Arrival Card (this form is available on board and on arrival

C. Customs Declaration Form (this form is available on arrival)


The Quarantine procedure will depend on the Country Category set by the government as follows.

A. Fully vaccinated passengers travelling from Green or Yellow List countries:

  • Facility based quarantine for at least 6 days (or 5 nights)
  • RT-PCR testing will be conducted on day 5 from the date of arrival.
  • Upon receiving a negative result for the RT-PCR test and a Bureau of Quarantine Certificate, passengers can continue their quarantine at home until the tenth day.
  • Unvaccinated minors travelling with their vaccinated parents / guardians will must follow rules listed in Item B. Minors must be accompanied by their parents / guardians throughout the quarantine period. 
  • Countries that are not on the Red or Green list will be considered Yellow list countries.

B. Unvaccinated, partially vaccinated or individuals whose vaccination status cannot be independently verified and confirmed and who are travelling from either Green or Yellow List Countries:

  • Facility based quarantine for at least 8 days (or 7 nights)
  • RT-PCR testing will be conducted on day 7 from the date of arrival.
  • Upon receiving a negative result for the RT-PCR test and a Bureau of Quarantine Certificate, passengers can continue their quarantine at home until the 14th day.

The following proof of vaccination will be accepted for entry into the Philippines. The Bureau of Quarantine will be the sole authority to validate the authenticity of the proof of vaccination upon arrival.

  • For Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and spouses, parents, and/or children travelling with them: a certificate from the Philippine Overseas Labor Office in the country of origin
  • For Filipinos and foreigners fully vaccinated in the Philippines: either their VaxCertPH digital vaccination certificate or BOQ-issued International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis (ICV)
  • For non-OFWs and foreigners fully vaccinated abroad: the national digital certificate of the foreign government which has accepted VaxCertPH under a reciprocal arrangement or BOQ-issued ICV

C. Red List Countries

  • The inbound international travel of all persons, regardless of vaccination status, coming from or who have been to Red List countries and territories is not allowed. All passengers coming from or who have been to Red List countries in the last fourteen days, except for Filipinos returning to the country via government initiated repatriation, non-government initiated repatriation, special commercial and Bayanihan flights are prohibited from entering the country during the effective dates. 
  • Passengers, whether Filipinos or foreign nationals, who have transited through these countries will be allowed entry provided that they stayed in the airport the whole time and were not cleared for entry by immigration authorities of that country.
  • Red List countries effective 00:01 on 1 October 2021 (Philippine time) until 23:59 of 15 October 2021
    • Bermuda
  • Quarantine Protocol for Red List Countries: 
    • 14 day quarantine (10 days facility based quarantine plus 4 days at home)
    • COVID-19 RT PCR testing on day 7 of quarantine
Quarantine and Testing costs
A.  Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW)
  • The cost of quarantine accommodations shall be shouldered by the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) for land based OFWs and by the local manning agency and/or Maritime Industry Authority for sea based OFWs. OFWs must present the following documents at the time of check in for validation.
    • OEC Card
    • Balik Manggagawa Validation slip/Online
    • Exemptions on OEC Registration
    • Online Balik Manggagawa Registration
    • Work visa / Work permit
    • OWWA membership (receipt)
    • Contract of employment
    • Company ID
    • Certificate of employment
    • Payment reflecting name of employer
    • For sea farers- seaman’s book
All documents are subject to validation by the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration upon arrival.
B.  Foreign Nationals and Non-OFW/ Returning Overseas Filipino

Required apps

All passengers must download the Traze app, a nationwide and unified contact tracing system required for travel to and from Philippine ports and terminals.

Other information

It is mandatory to wear a face mask and face shield within the terminal and all public transportation in the Philippines.

Travel to Cebu

Please read the arrival guidelines, list of accredited hotels and complete the online registration form for passengers travelling via Mactan Cebu International Airport.

Travel to Clark

If you are travelling to Clark, you must have a confirmed booking at an accredited quarantine hotel.


Non Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) travelling to Clark (CRK) must have advanced booking at any of the Bureau of Quarantine (BOQ) accredited hotels.

Required forms

Non-OFWs, seafarers, and foreign nationals must register using e-CIF and provide the required information on the Clark International Airport website. All passengers must adhere to the required forms as stated in the general Required Forms section above.

Travel from the Philippines

Effective 1 February 2021, the following categories of passengers are allowed to travel from the Philippines provided they submit they complete the required documents.

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs)

Required documents:

  • Valid work visa and contract
  • Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC)
  • Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) certificate
  • Seafarer’s Identification and Record Book (for seaman)
  • Departure card

Students enrolled abroad and participants accepted in exchange visitor programmes

Required documents:

  • Valid visa
  • Commission on Filipino Overseas (CFO) for first-time immigrants
  • Departure card

Permanent residents of foreign jurisdictions and foreign nationals

Required documents:

  • Valid permanent visa or permanent resident card
  • Commission on Filipino Overseas (CFO) for first-time immigrants
  • Departure card

Filipinos on tourist or short-term visitor visas

Require documents:

  • Confirmed return tickets and adequate travel and health insurance to cover travel disruptions and hospitalisation in case of COVID-19 infection during their allowable period of stay abroad
  • Completed Bureau of Immigration Declaration acknowledging the risks involved in travelling, including risk of delay in their return trip
  • When required by the country of destination or airline, a negative COVID-19 test
  • Follow the guidelines of the National Task Force (NTF) for Returning Overseas Filipinos on their return

Travelling to, from and through Dubai

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