Antigua and Barbuda Work In Nature (WIN) Extended Stay Visa

πŸ’³ Work In Nature (WIN) Extended Stay Visa , Digital Nomad Visa of Antigua and Barbuda - Requirements andΒ Process

πŸ•œ Duration 540 days ✨ Extendable πŸ€‘ 4200 ($) πŸ’° 900 ($) 🧐 Digital Nomad Visa

The Work In Nature (WIN) program gives a great place for people who work online, travel while working, or with their families to work well and without worry for up to 18 months.

Who can be eligible for the Dominica Work In Nature digital nomad visa?

You are eligible to apply:
  • You are aged 18 years or above.
  • You possess good character and have no criminal record.
  • You can readily fulfill the necessary financial commitment.
  • Remote work is within your capabilities.
  • You anticipate earning an income of 50 000$ or beyond within the upcoming 12 months and/or have the resources to sustain yourself, your spouse/partner, and other accompanying family members throughout your extended stay in Dominica.

How to apply Dominica digital nomad visa?

  • First you need to submit an online visa application and non-refundable fees. You can find the amount of the WIN visa fees below.
  • Further, you should upload the required documents for yourself and any family members traveling with you. Please see below for the document checklist for WIN visa. For non-English documents, a translation and certified copy is needed.
  • The Tourism Department will review the application and contact you if more details are needed.
  • If the application is successful, you will receive a WIN visa approval letter.
  • Next, you must pay the WIN visa fee within 30 days.
  • You can travel to Dominica by first submitting arrival details to the WIN Information Officer .

Benefits of Working as a Digital Nomad in Dominica

  • The Dominica is a tropical paradise beloved by travelers around the world.
  • The long period of stay is 18 months.
  • No income tax.

How much does the Dominica Digital Nomad Visa Cost?

  • Application Cost (non-refundable): 100$
    1. WIN Visa Charges:
    2. Single Applicant: 800$
    3. Family Application: 1200$
    4. Business with One Applicant, and More: 800$ plus 500$ for each extra employee when a business applies for four or more employees.

Processing time for the Digital Nomad Visa in Dominica

You will receive an approval letter within two to four weeks of submitting your application. When you receive the letter, you must pay WIN Visa fees within one month. During the 30 days, you can notify the email to let them know that you need additional time to pay. If the application is approved, you will get another 30 days to pay the fees.

Once you receive your WIN visa approval letter, you should enter Dominica within 90 days. The WIN visa stamp is issued to you upon your arrival in Dominica. It starts on the same day and continues for up to 18 months.

How long can I stay in Dominica as a Digital Nomad?

The Work In Nature (WIN) Extended Stay Visa program lets you and your family work from a distance in Dominica for as long as 18 months.

Paying taxes as a Digital Nomad in Dominica

If you work remotely from Dominica using the WIN Visa, you don't need to pay income tax here.

Is it possible to apply the Dominica Work In Nature digital nomad visa for themselves as well as for dependents?

Eligible dependents include:
  • Your spouse or partner;
  • Children or stepchildren under age 18 years of age;
  • Any other relatives who, because of age or physical/mental incapacity, are totally dependent on you for their livelihoods

βœ” Checklist of required documents for Antigua and Barbuda Digital Nomad Visa

  • Application form
  • Bio data page of valid passport
  • Proof of relationship of dependants
  • Police record
  • Bank reference letter
  • Employment letter. If your income is not from a regular employment salary, then you must also provide a recent bank statement and certificate of good standing and/or credit report
  • Passport-sized photos
  • Visa to Dominica
  • Health insurance

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