Mauritius Premium Visa

πŸ’³ Premium Visa, Digital Nomad Visa of Mauritius - Requirements andΒ Process

πŸ•œ Duration 365 days ✨ Extendable πŸ€‘ 1500 ($) 🧐 Digital Nomad Visa

The Premium Visa program is a great opportunity for foreign nationals who want to experience the beauty of Mauritius while pursuing their personal and professional goals. Whether you are a tourist, retiree, or a professional looking to work remotely while enjoying quality time with your family, this visa offers you the opportunity to experience Mauritius for up to one year, with the possibility of renewal.

Who can be eligible for the Mauritius digital nomad visa?

  • Aplicant is prohibited from entering the labour market in Mauritius.
  • The main income source of the applicant must be outside Mauritius.

How long can I stay in Mauritius as a Digital Nomad?

The Premium Visa is valid for a period exceeding six months up to one year and is renewable. This visa is required for those who intend to stay in Mauritius for a period exceeding 180 days in a calendar year. For those staying for less than 180 days, a tourist visa is granted on arrival to Mauritius.

How to apply for the Mauritius digital nomad visa

  • It is necessary to pre-book your flight tickets.
  • Application must be submitted online.
  • Get your Premium visa online.
  • Book accommodation in Mauritius.
  • Travel to Mauritius.
  • If you change accommodation you need to notify PIO.

How much does the Mauritius Digital Nomad Visa Cost?

The Premium Visa is issued free of charge. There is no processing fee applicable.

Processing time for the Digital Nomad Visa in Mauritius

The processing time for the Mauritius digital nomad visa is slow. From 20 days to 3 months.

Paying taxes as a Digital Nomad in Mauritius

Mauritian-sourced income of a Premium Visa holder (e.g. emoluments for work performed remotely in Mauritius) will be taxed on a remittance basis. That money spent in Mauritius through the use of foreign credit or debit cards will not be deemed to have been remitted to Mauritius.

The holder of a Premium Visa will be liable to pay income tax on money brought and deposited in a bank account in Mauritius. As an additional facility, such bank deposits will not be subject to income tax if a declaration is made to the effect that the required tax has been paid thereon in his country of origin or residence.

Is it possible to apply the Digital Nomad Visa in Mauritius for themselves as well as for dependents?

Yes, it is possible to apply the Mauritius digital nomad visa for yourself as well as for your dependents, such as your spouse and children.

βœ” Checklist of required documents for Mauritius Digital Nomad Visa

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βœ… The Premium Visa is free of charge. There is no processing fee.

❌ Slow in processing applications. Some articles say that the visa is approved in two business days, but in practice, the process can take more than 2 weeks. There are reviews that say more than 20 days. To speed up, it's better to call the EDB office on +230 210 9418 (direct line of Premium Visa's department). Those who have applied for a visa describe the same case. Premium Visa is not issued until the previous tourist visa expires. The new visa cannot start working while the old visa is still active. The main concern is if the processing time is more than the end date tourist visa.

- one year ago

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❌ We had to wait two months for our visa to be approved. We wrote emails and called, and the answer was the same - lack of staff.

- one year ago

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❌ Processing time for our Premium visa was 3 months

- one year ago

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πŸ—¨ the minimum amount to have on your bank account to obtain the VisaPremium for the main applicant is 1300€/month of presence in Mauritius. And for each dependent of 400€/month. It is necessary to justify that this income is regular (since 6 months minimum).

- one year ago

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